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Edelweiss Laboratories' primary business focus is contract manufacturing and the company has built up considerable experience since itís inception.

Manufacturing capabilities include the manufacture of creams, gels and ointments, tinctures, liquids and powders. Edelweiss offers a range of sunscreens using newer and more sophisticated UV blocking agents.

Packaging capabilities include cream, ointment and liquid filling (including plastic tube filling), ear drop filling and powder filling. Sachet packing is secured through Joypack.

All processes are supervised by an industrial pharmacist with many years of experience as well as other qualified staff who attend to a full compliment of in-process controls and procedures. All of the manufacturing processes are governed by current GMP standards. Our production runs are subject to minimum quantities that are product-dependant, so please consult with one of our management personelle in this regard.


Edelweiss is fortunate to count the following companies amongst it's clients: Cipla, Cape Kingdom, Herbex, Glenmark Marketing, Nature Fresh, uShaka Marine World and the Two Oceans Aquarium, Mentholatum, Phytomed, and Be Safe Paramedical amongst others.


Edelweiss Laboratories provides expert advice in new product development. New products need to be designed so as to ensure that they behave as they are intended to, they must have the required pharmacological affect, and they must be are stable under given storage conditions. Edelweiss will develop samples of all products in accordance with the Client's directives. This process may include amongst others the choice of fragrance, the taste profile, the viscosity of semi-solid products, interactions with base materials or other active ingredients and the choice of preservative. Edelweiss procures the services of top cosmetics formulators where necessary.

Once sample batches have been produced, further laboratory testing is called for. These tests include accelerated stability testing, preservative challenge testing and dissolution testing, with an option for product assay. We recommend preservative challenge testing for all liquids and semi-solids and refer these procedures to the SABS-recommended Merieux Laboratories for execution and certification. Procedures that are currently sub-contracted are HPLC and Gas Chromatography.

While samples are being tested and proved suitable for production, packaging is chosen for marketing aesthetics as well product stability. Edelweiss keeps a small range of 'off-the-shelf' packaging and will point the client in the appropriate direction for a wider range.


Edelweiss Laboratories provides a full research and development programme for creams, ointments, gels, liquids, tinctures and nutraceutical powders. Research & Development is headed up by James Gibson, a pharmacist with over 20 years of experience in developing pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The Quality Control laboratory is managed by Phaldie Cassiem who is an analytical chemist with over decades of experience in pharmaceutical quality control.

Edelweiss Laboratories provides services for a wide range of clientele whose applications include Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy and allopathic or orthodox pharmaceutical systems. We offer a comprehensive cosmetic development portfolio and will advise on formulation, perfumery, essential oil, cosmetic and botanical actives. In particular we are able to advise on the use of indigenous Southern African herbal extracts, essential oils and tinctures used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. We are proud of the standards that we maintain at our facility in Cape Town and welcome the opportunity for our clientele to visit us. 

Edelweiss is committed to the manufacture of quality products and all processes are GMP-based. Additionally, the facility is registered as a Pharmacy with the South African Pharmacy Council and is GMP approved.  Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals is available for the development and contract manufacture of personal care and nutraceutical preparations as 'own brands'. Edelweiss will advise on all aspects of product development and research and provide insight for marketing, pharmaceutical registration, labelling and web page development.

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